YoWhatsApp APK Download (v10.06) Latest May 2024

WhatsApp Messenger or WhatsApp is the world’s best communication application. More than five billion users are using it for their daily communications. Users share their happy moments with their friends & family. They share pics & videos and its end-to-end encryption keeps their messages & calls secure. No one can read them except they are shared with the person.

WhatsApp provides so many amazing features. It recently added payment functionality. So, they don’t have to install other apps for this purpose. But it lacks some features. There are only two themes, light & dark. You can’t lock or hide any chat. You can forward a message to only 5 recipients. That’s why many users use YoWhatsApp APK 2024.

What is YoWhatsApp APK?

YOWhatsApp APK Download

YoWhatsApp Download 2024 is a WhatsApp Mod that comes with many unique features such as hiding second & blue tick, downloading DP & status, hiding online status, etc. Dynamic themes give stunning look to it. With the DND mode, you can stop it from sending or receiving any message. These features make it the favorite WA MOD of many users.

YoWA or YoWhatsApp is the best modded version of WhatsApp. You can easily download & install it on your device. It doesn’t require rooting the device. Also, there is no need to uninstall the official version. It solves your dual WA account on the same device. It also comes with an OTA update that informs you about the new version and you can download YoWhatsApp’s latest version. 

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YoWhatsApp APK Info Table

App NameYoWhatsApp
APK Size57 MB
OS RequiredAndroid 4.3+
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of YoWhatsApp APK

YOWhatsApp APK Download

Yo WhatsApp APK 2024 has so many amazing features that are loved by users. Here is the list of the features:

  • Message Scheduler
  • Message Any Number without Saving in Contacts
  • Dynamic & Stunning Themes Collection
  • Self-Destructive Messages
  • Pause Last Seen
  • Hide Forwarded Status
  • Control Who Can Call You
  • See Deleted Message & Status
  • Hide View Status
  • Hide Tying Status
  • Hide Second Ticks & Blue Ticks
  • Show Blue Ticks After You Reply
  • Send Photos in Original Quality
  • Disable Media Share Limit
  • Share Unlimited Media Files
  • Hide Media from Gallery
  • Upload Status in 100% Quality
  • Forward Messages up to 300 Chats
  • Lock Chats
  • Hide Chats
  • DND Mode
  • Chat Head Message
  • DIY Theme
  • Huge Collection of Call Interface Themes
  • Find Real-Time Location of Your Friend
  • Multiple Backup Locations
  • Download DP & Status

Download YoWhatsApp APK Latest Version

YoWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play store as it’s not an official version. We are providing the YoWhatsApp Download link so that you can download it easily. You will not face any issues regarding downloading & installing it.

Features Explanation of YoWhatsApp APK

YOWhatsApp APK Download

If you are curious about these features and want to know more about them, read the next subsections. We have explained all the features in detail. So, you will know everything about them and can easily make your decision to use them or not.

Message Scheduler

If you have to remind someone to do anything at a specific time, but you will be busy at that time, what are you gonna do then? Or what if you forget to message them? In these cases, you can use the message schedular. You can select the recipients, time, and message you want to send. YoWhatsApp will automatically send that message to the entered recipients at the entered time. So, no worry if you forget to message them at that time.

Message Any Number

When a number is not saved in your contacts and have to send a message on his/her WhatsApp, then you have to save his/her number in the contacts and then you can message them in the official WhatsApp. That’s a lengthy process and consumes time. But in the YoWhatsApp Download, you can message any number without saving them in the contacts. Just open the menu using the three dots at the top right corner, and then tap on “Message a Number”. Enter the number in the opened pop-up window and then tap open chat. It will directly open the chat of the entered number.

Dynamic Themes

WhatsApp only has static themes and they are also limited in numbers. But in YoWhatsApp, you will find amazing dynamic themes. Themes of anime, nature, cars, models, superheroes, mermaids, animals, cartoons, dragons, games and so many varieties of themes are available in it. The background of home screen & chats with dragon flying, Minions enjoying, Guru dancing, Interstellar, Godzilla in the city, Dark Souls, and Inari waifu. Aren’t these stunning themes?

Self-Destructive Messages

Sharing something with your friend and don’t want to keep them in chat after he sees/reads it? Then you can send self-destructive messages. These types of messages will automatically be deleted from your & your friend’s chats once he sees them.

See Deleted Messages & Status

Some of our friends irritate us by sending messages & then deleting them before we read them. We get curious about what they sent and when we ask them what they deleted, they simply answer, “Nothing.” What’s more annoying than this? Well, let them do it. You got YoWhatsApp. Simply activate the “Anti-delete message” feature. Whenever someone deletes a message, it will not delete it from your chat. The same goes for statuses. You can see them too.

Send Photos & Status in Best Quality

In the official WhatsApp, when you send a pic to someone or upload a status, WhatsApp compresses it by reducing its quality to 80%. But in this MOD, you can share pics and upload status in original quality without any compression. Go to Yo Settings >> Universal Settings. Then enable the “Send Photos & Status in Best Quality” option.

Media Share Limit

You can share up to 30 media files and no media file can be above 16 MB in the official WhatsApp. But in this mod, you can share a video of up to 80 MB. Also, there is no limit to how many media files you can select to share. You can easily select & share up to 30, 50, or even 100 files. No need to select files again & again to share them.

Forward Messages to up to 300 Chats

5 recipients selected; message forwarded. The same process over and over again to share a message to 20 recipients. A time-consuming process. Don’t worry. You can select up to 300 recipients in this mod and forward the message in a single process.

Backup Chats & Settings

If you are thinking it’s the same as official WhatsApp. Then let me tell you that the official app only supports Google Drive while YoWhatsApp supports Mega and Dropbox cloud storages too. You can back up your chat and settings on any of these cloud storage.

Download DP & Status

Many times our friends upload awesome pics and videos on their status. You wish to download the status but can’t. Because there is no option to do that in the official version. YoWhatsApp added this amazing feature to let the users download the cool status of others. It also supports downloading their profile picture. Just open the status or profile pic, you will see a download button in the bottom left corner.

Find Real-time Location of Your Friend

It comes with the functionality that lets you know where your friend is. To use this feature, tap on the location button appearing at the top bar. Then select any camouflage card and send it. In this card, you can add any link. When your friend opens this link, YoWhatsApp will know his location and send you the details.

DND Mode

DND means Do Not Disturb. When you activate this mode, you will not receive any messages, status, or calls from anyone on the app. Also, your messages will not be sent. It will be like as you are offline. It’s a good feature when you wanna play games, watch movies, and don’t want to be interrupted by anyone. Also, there is no need to turn off the internet.

Hide Chats

If someone else also uses your mobile for any reason, and you want to keep some chats away from them, you can use this feature. It will also hide that recipient from the contact list of the app. To access the hidden chats, you have to tap on the title shown on the home screen and then enter the password. If you don’t know the password, you can’t access the hidden chats.

Hide Second & Blue Ticks

Sometimes you don’t want others to know that you have read their messages and to allow that wish, there is no option in the official app. No problem. You can read messages without letting anyone know. WhatsApp won’t show a blue tick. You can also hide the second tick so they will think that you are offline.

Freeze Last Seen

Freeze last seen is the best feature to trick others into thinking that you are offline and not using WhatsApp from a specific time. Your last seen status will be the time when you activate this feature. So, it’s a very useful feature when you don’t want others to know that you are online.

DIY Theme

So, you know DIY? Do It Yourself. And DIY Theme lets you create your theme. You can completely customize the YoWhatsApp. You can customize the wallpaper, action bar, navigation bar, their text, style, color, background color, icons, tab bar, slider, status layouts, avatar, chat lists, floating buttons, and everything else. It also has all the edit options to customize the conversation style like bubbles, their shape, color, input layout, marked messages, etc. You are free to customize it as you see fit.

Installation Guide for YoWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp APK Download

Many people don’t know how to install or Download YoWhatsApp APK as they always install apps from the Play Store. But don’t worry. We have explained every step of the installation process so you will not face any problems. Follow the following steps:

  • Download YoWhatsApp APK from the given link in this post.
  • Now go to the file manager and navigate to the folder where it is downloaded/saved. If you are using Chrome, then go to the Download folder. Or if you are using any other browser then see the download location from their settings.
  • When you find the downloaded APK, open it by tapping it.
  • If it’s your first time installing an APK from outside the Google Play Store, then you have to permit to install apps from unknown sources.
  • Go to the Settings >> Security >> Install Apps from Unknown Sources. Enable this option. If you have already done this, then ignore this step.
  • Head back to the downloaded APK and open it.
  • It will open a pop-up window with the option to install it. Tap on the install button. The installation will begin and take only a few seconds.
  • After the installation, open YoWhatsApp, create your account, and start enjoying its feature.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers

Is Yo WhatsApp safe to install and use?

It is completely safe to install it on your device. No rooting is required. But there are some chances that your account gets banned for using some of its features too much. So, use it at your own risk. Also, if you use it normally, then there’s no problem.

Can I use two accounts on the same device?

Yes. To install Yo WhatsApp, you don’t need to remove official WhatsApp. Both apps are different and are independent of each other. You can use both apps and hence two accounts on the same device.

Can I send the photos & status in original quality?

Yes. WhatsApp compresses the photos & status by reducing their quality to 80%. You can disable the compression in the settings. Go to Yo Settings >> Universal Settings. Now enable “Send Photos in Best Quality” and “Send Status in Best Quality (100%)” options. It will send your pics in original quality.

Can I hide my online status?

Yes. You can hide your online status by freezing your last seen. When you activate the “Freeze Last Seen” feature, it will stop showing you online and will always show the time of last seen when you activated it.


YoWhatsApp provides many features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. You can customize its interface as you see fit. Dynamic themes let you change the look of WA in a single tap. It has more privacy settings, supports downloading of statuses, and allows you to forward a message to up to 300 chats. If you are looking for WhatsApp MOD APK, then it’s the best mod. Yo WhatsApp Download for free from this post. Have a nice day!

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