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Instagram is currently the best social app. More than a billion users use it for many purposes. Some use it to share their photos & happy moments with their friends & family while others use it for entertainment purposes like watching funny videos & memes just like me. That’s not all. There are millions of pages you can follow for getting news & info about nature, lifestyle, fashion, education, science, AI, actors, singers, etc., etc., etc.

Chat with friends, video calling with them, share memes, go live for your followers, upload stories & show your inner artist in reels. Instagram is for everyone. But there’s a popular saying,” No one is perfect.”, Instagram, too, is not perfect. There are ads, suggested friends’ sections, media compression, no download option and no seek functionality in videos. That’s why we have Instander APK for you.

What is Instander?

Instander APK Download

Instander is a modified version of Instagram. It is developed by thedise (Dmitry Gavrilov). In this Instagram MOD, all the limitations of Instagram, as mentioned in the above section, are eliminated. Plus, many new features are added to it such as hide online status, split media saving, OTA update, hide seen posts, photo zoom, gestures, and many more. You can easily download videos, photos, and also stories. Read what your friend texted you without sending seen/read status.  

Instander APK is the best alternative to Instagram. You can use it in ghost mode that disables all ways that let others know that you are online like the story, messages seen status, typing status, and live view status. Media quality is also a concern by many users. For them, it has compression disabling & quality improvement features. You will love using Instander.

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Details of Instander APK

NameInstander APK
APK Size49 MB
Get it OnOfficial Website
OS RequiredAndroid
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of Instander

Instander APK Download

Instander includes all the features of official Instagram as well as an additional feature that makes it unique & more awesome than the official one. Check out the following list:

  • Download Photos & Videos
  • Save Media in Split Folders
  • Ghost Mode
    • Don’t Mark Direct as Read
    • Disable Typing Status
    • Don’t Mark Stories as Seen
    • Anonymous Live View
  • Share Posts & Stories with Close Friends
  • Disable Ads
  • Enable/Disable Analytics & Crash Reports
  • Quality Improvements by Disabling Compression
  • Gestures for Quick Navigations
  • Additional Feed & Stories Settings
  • Hide Watched Posts
  • OTA Update
  • Get Blue Tick Account Verification
  • Misc. Features

Download Instander APK Latest Version

As Instander is an Instagram MOD APK and not official, it’s not available on the Google Play Store. But don’t worry. We are providing you with its latest version in this post. Click on the “Download Instander APK” button given below to download it.

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Features Explanation of Instander APK

Instander APK Download

As we listed out all the features of the Instander, maybe you understand all the features what they are for or maybe you don’t. So, we explain all the features in the following sub-sections:

Download Any Photos & Videos

How many groups, pages & accounts are there on Insta? Millions, right? We follow pages for many reasons like funny videos, memes, natural mind-blowing scenes, creatures, arts, etc. And we come across many stunning posts that leave a good impression on us. We want to download it but Instagram doesn’t have that option. That’s why to eliminate this limitation, Instander gives this amazing downloading feature. You can download any photo & video with a single tap. You will see a download icon at the bottom of the post. Just tap it and done, media downloaded.

Split Media Saving

It’s another great feature of this MOD after the downloading. You can set the download location where you want to save the downloaded media. Additionally, you can also enable the “Split Media Saving” option that will automatically create folders of each page, group & user in that location and will save the downloaded media only in their folder. So, you can easily navigate to any media by their username. It will avoid media mixing of all accounts.

Ghost Mode

In the Ghost mode, no one can know if you are online on Insta, watching their live streaming, or have seen their stories or messages. I don’t want to be seen online by my family members and some of my friends. And I also get curious sometimes about what they uploaded on their story, what they are live streaming, and what they send me in DM. In these cases, ghost mode helps me a lot and will help you too. It will hide the read status of messages and stories. There will be no typing status. So, you can freely use Instagram.  

Share Posts & Stories with Close Friends

Some posts can only be shared with selected friends.  There can be many reasons for that such as dark, inside jokes, adult memes, etc. “Close friends” is the best feature for these purposes. You can add selected friends to the “Close Friends” list. Then whenever you upload a post or story, you will get the option to share it with everyone or only close friends. This way, you don’t have to select friends one by one to share any post. Save Time, Pal!

Disable Ads

Scrolling reels, memes, beautiful pics of a friend, and then “Spotify – Play Now”, “Best Shirts, Shoes, This & That – Shop Now”. Yup, Ads. Who wants to watch ads when we want entertainment? Don’t worry. Go in Instagram Settings >> Privacy >> Disable Ads. And then watch memes non-stop, watch amazing videos non-stop, without any interruption of any advertisement.

Enable/Disable Analytics & Crash Reports

Analytics collects data information from your in-app activities to analyze it. It helps in providing you a better experience by showing posts that you may like depending on your activities. You can also disable it if you don’t want the app to analyze your activity. There are also crash reports that you can opt-in/out of. If you enable it, it will send the crash reports to the developer team to help them to fix the bugs & improve the app.  

Instander APK Download

Quality Improvements by Disabling Compression

Whenever you upload a photo or video on the official Instagram, it automatically compresses the pic & video and reduces it to lower size & resolution that results in low quality. In the Instander APK, you can enable quality improvements for stories, reels, IGTV & photos. You can also disable the cropping of pic while posting.

Gestures for Quick Navigations &

Easily & quickly navigation to other tabs is demanded in any app. This mod supports gestures. Swipe left & right to easily navigate to other tabs. It saves time and is more user-friendly than tapping the tab buttons. You also get additional gestures. In the official version, you have to pinch out the pic to zoom in and as you remove the finger, the pic returns to normal. Long tapping on a photo in this MOD will open it in a pop-up window. You can zoom it in this window. The pic will not return to normal until you press the back button. You can also seek to any time in the video by long-tapping it & then swiping left & right.

Additional Feed & Stories Settings

Whenever you open Instagram, you have to tap on the video & reel to turn on the sound. You have to start the IGTV videos manually after few seconds. It also shows you a section of suggested friends between posts. If you don’t like these things on Instagram, then Instander is the best Instagram MOD. You can enable auto-play video with sound. It will automatically play all videos and the sound will be on too. You don’t have to do anything extra. You can also disable the suggested friends’ section in it.

Hide Watched Posts

“Scroll down, I have seen this post. Huh, this one too. Swipe, Swipe.” Is it happening with you too? Turn “Hide Seen Posts” on. With this feature, Instander will not show you any post that you have already seen before. It’s a very helpful feature.

OTA Update

Instander is a modified version of Instagram and it’s not available on Google Play Store. To let you inform about the update of this MOD, it includes OTA Update functionality. It automatically searches for updates and notifies you whenever a newer version is released. Stay up-to-date!

Installation Guide

Instander APK Download

Many users don’t know how to install an APK downloaded from third-party sources. To help them installing this MOD APK without facing any issue, we are going to explain all the steps. Follow them step-by-step.

  • First, Download Instander APK from the given download button in this post.
  • After downloading, open File Manager and navigate to the folder where it is downloaded. If you are using chrome, then it will be in the download folder.
  • Now tap on the downloaded APK.
  • If it’s your first time installing an APK from outside the Play Store, then enable “Install Apps from Unknown Sources”. Otherwise, ignore this step.
  • Now an installation window will open with the “Install” & “Cancel” buttons. Tap on the install button.
  • The app will start installing on your device and will take few seconds.
  • After installation is completed, open it with its icon, enter your account and start enjoying its features.

Frequently Asked Questions-Answers

Is it safe to install Instander?

Yes. It is completely safe to install Instander on your device. It doesn’t require rooting of the device. You can also disable analytics if you don’t want the analytics to collect your data information from your in-app activity.

How can I seek to a specific time in any video?

You have to long tap on any video and then swipe left & right to seek to any position in the video.

Is there any way to stop the posts from showing that I have already watched?

Yes. Go into the profile tab, then tap on the menu icon at the top right corner. Then navigate to Instander Settings >> Feed & Stories. Now turn on “Hide Liked/Seen Posts”. It will hide all the posts that you have already watched.

How to share a story with selected friends?

Select the “Close Friends” option from the menu. Here, you can add anyone you want. Whenever you upload a story, you will get the option to share it with everyone or with close friends. Chose close friends and it will only share this story with them. Others won’t be able to see your story.


Instagram is a great social app. But due to the unavailability of some functionalities, many users are not completely satisfied with it. Instander APK has all those functionalities including additional features. It comes with media download functionality, ghost mode, option to disable analytics, seeking video, etc. There are also no ads in this MOD. You can explore posts & reels without any interruptions. In my opinion, Instander APK is the best Instamod. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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